Dream Aquarium Computer Screensaver Full Version With Crack And Key Free Download

Dream fish tank - quality fish tank (screensaver) for desktop, that discovered every detail of fashion - exotic fish, aquatic plants, light-weight and shadow, air bubbles, etc. in addition, among the inhabitants of the enclosure unit gift not alone fish, but put together cute crab, and norovyaschie once the possibility to grab one in each of his claws fishes. Allowed parameter setting and selection of screensavers enclosure inhabitants, supported widescreen and multi-monitor mode, achievable to change the enclosure (including automatic).

Changes throughout this version:

• New choices, new interface
• very easy and very versatile menu presently works directly and quickly
• You’ll presently closely monitor each fish in each tank
• The position of the camera square measure usually organized on a personal basis for each tank


  • Version cured of greed
  • Added a bunch of seventy eight high resolution backgrounds (in the program folder)
  • Added creative Fish Packs one and a try of (37 fish)
  • Repackaged BTJB

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