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Nova Launcher Prime for automaton may be a Launcher that that serves to vary the design of your automaton contraption. Well, for those that typically tinkering automaton already recognize a number of the popular Launcher, such as: GO Launcher, Next Launcher, Launcher and plenty of additional cool-cool. star Launcher Prime contains a look that's straightforward, elegant, and you'll additionally set it to your feeling. And not too significant additionally anyway for your contraption.

Nova Launcher by itself is incredibly awe-inspiring as a result of it is so darn quick. Scrolling is quick, menus area unit quick, screen previews area unit quick. It's just like the Speedy Gonzales of frozen dessert Sandwich launchers. And on my Galaxy Nexus, star Launcher Prime fully screams.


Nova Launcher Prime is additionally implausibly customizable. you'll amendment what number homescreens you've got, amendment the quantity of icons on the dock, amendment the screen transitions, the folder background form, what number docks you've got, well, the list goes on and on. If you are a bit OCD concerning however your launcher operates (or almost what size your grid is), star Launcher can assist you keep everything under control.

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