Folder Guard 19.6 Multilingual Free Download

Folder Guard 19.6 Multilingual

Folder Guard is a software utility for protecting wifi and folders. This program can easily restrict users’ access to files, folders, and other Windows resources. You can tag the file or folder you want. Hide them. Just give read access. Prevent access to flash drives and copy files to it. You can prevent access to the Windows Control Panel. Note that the files hidden by this program can only be replayed through the same program and you can not access them via DOS and other techniques. Also, when you restrict users, you can even restrict the admin user. Not that you as a regular user with this program will encrypt the file and the admin can open it with his access. Administrator will also need a password to open it.

With the help of the folder, you can stop installing the program or open the programs you want, and allow users to do this only. Another interesting feature of this program is the ability to lock USB drives, CD-ROMs and other removable drives. You can prevent unauthorized users from accessing these media by setting up an app and only grant access to specific people. The graphical interface of this program is very simple and does not work with these complicated steps. Wherever you need to explain, the program provides you with sufficient information. Use this app if your system has multiple users and are concerned about the security of your files.

required system

Folder Guard Compatibility:

Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 
Windows 8.1 
Windows 10 
Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 
Windows Server 2012 
Windows Server 2012 R2 
Windows Server 2016


Folder Guard

Installation guide

The Readme.txt file is included in the Crack folder.

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Download Folder Guard 19.6 Multilingual

Download Folder Guard 18.4 Multilingual (valid crack)

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