IGap Messenger (iGap) Version Android / 6.1.0 Windows FreeDownload

IGap Messenger (iGap) Version Android / 6.1.0 Windows FreeDownload - IGap is a good Iranian messenger which, while providing most of the common features, offers security even in the form of a one billion bill for hacking. With IP Chat, you can easily chat with your friends and family. This program provides advanced security encryption algorithms for unique Internet communications. You can chat in two or more groups in this messenger. The history of conversations is available offline.

With iGap, you can create channels and share information with your members. It is possible to send a file with any volume and extension in ip chat. These files are stored after uploading to cloud servers and can be shared with others at any time, anywhere. The ipple is free and there are good features with the release of each version. This messenger is available to users in several versions under Windows, Linux, the web, Android and iOS. Free download software full  https://www.freepremium.info/

IP Chat Features: 

  • High speed uploading of files and images 
  • Unique Sync 
  • It has versions under Windows, Linux, Web, Android and iOS 
  • Great support from the team 
  • Beautiful interface (and in Persian language) and minimal 
  • Ability to build channels and share information with members 
  • Possibility to build a group of up to 5000 people with the possibility of managing members of the group 
  • Likely and Dyslyacle content uploaded on channels 
  • Super high security using symmetric hybrid encryption algorithm (AES256) and RSA 2048 
  • No limitation on uploading files 
  • Save conversation history 
  • P2P voice calling and cost savings (especially for jumbled people!) 

System Requirements iGap

Windows x86 / x64

Requires for Android
4.0.3 and up

Installation guide

This application is free.

Download link

Download Android version 1.1.3

Download Windows version 6.0.1

Linux version

Mac version

Sign in to the web version

Password rar


Windows version: 79 MB

Android version: 27 MB


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