HitmanPro 3.8.12 Build 302 x64/x86 Multilingual Free Download


HitmanPro 3.8.12 Build 302 x64/x86 Multilingual Free Download - HitmanPro is a perfect supplement to antivirus software to increase the security of your system. With this program, you can identify and destroy a variety of malwares and malicious files, including viruses, trojans, spam, rootkits, worms and more. You may ask if there is an antivirus software to use with these tools. The first reason is to increase security levels. When a virus escapes from your antivirus gang, it may be caught on the security tour of this program. On the other hand, building a security system based on a combination of power and intelligence is the right decision. Most antivirus files are added to the antivirus database after signing the files and fixing their attacks on the system, and users will be protected by an update of their antivirus against the attack. But what if they do not update?

This is where anti-viruses with their behavioral technique show their effectiveness. This type of antivirus, which HitmanPro does the same thing, does not require much updates to the database because the virus detection method varies in these applications. This antivirus considers them to be suspicious based on malicious actions that a file performs based on interventions that are involved in the execution and sensitive areas of Windows, and quarantines them to prevent their harm. Because behavior is a more executable file based on the algorithm than the database, there is not much upgrade in this type of antivirus. Often updates are available only to update algorithms and intelligent behavioral processes. Since the size of this antivirus is not high and like many other heavyweight antiviruses, it does not consume a lot of resources, there is no excuse for abandoning it.

required system

– Microsoft Windows XP
– Microsoft Windows Vista
– Microsoft Windows 7
– Microsoft Windows 8
– Microsoft Windows 8.1
– Microsoft Windows Server 2003
– Microsoft Windows Server 2008
– Microsoft Windows Server 2012


Installation guide

64-bit version cracked.

download link

Download HitmanPro_3.8.12_Build_302_x86_Multilingual

Download HitmanPro_3.8.12_Build_302_x64_Multilingual

Password (s): Download Here


7 MB

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