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Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.17.1 Free Download - Ozeki NG SMS Gateway gives you direct access to your mobile Internet by the computer. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best way to create hosts on your device and then connect to other devices. This program is able to convert your email to SMS and then send it to the phone. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is very reliable and works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And once you’ve made the program settings for the first time, it’s very easy to work with, and there’s no need to change the settings again. You can also keep attachments on your server. And you can set the time schedule to show the notification when receiving sms.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway features and features:

– Report whether or not to receive, send or not to send messages

– Send and receive messages bilaterally (from phone to system, from system to phone).

– Supports various applications for desktop email and webmail

– Strong servers to support the program and save your sms and send and receive them

– Has a convenient and advanced user interface for displaying messages, receiving and sending them

– View the history of sent and received messages

– Send a group message to different people

– Support for many devices

– Supports multiple connections simultaneously

– Unicode support for sending messages in Chinese, Arabic and …

– Ability to receive and send 500 messages per second

– Ability to connect to 100 different connections

– Supports multi-core processors

– Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems

A series of changes and new features Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from here is visible .

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Tips:

– This version is provided with full activation and installed and tested by the download.

– Directory of online tools here to see.

required system
Operating System:
8.1 / 8 / Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7

Minimum Hardware:

Intel Pentium IV 3 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 40MB free hard disk space

Ozeki NG is also optimized to run in virtualized environments. Microsoft, VmWare, KVM, Oracle and many other virtualization platforms are supported

Network connection:

ISDN, ADSL, T1 or better

SMS protocol: SMPP, UCP / EMI, CIMD2, etc

MMS protocol: MM1, MM7, etc.

Popular APIs: SQL, .NET, ASP, ASP2, VB, C #, C ++, Delphi, PHP, JAVA, etc


Installation guide

Install the application and then select the Stop service option on the tool. Copy and replace the files in the Crack folder at the installation location, and then select Start service.

download link

The purchase price of the cracked 4.17.1 is 48,000 tomans or 24 euros .

Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.6.4

Password (s): Download Here


21.1 MB

Free Download Software Full Version

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